Rie Koko- Producer/Director/Editor


Rie Koko, a native of Tokyo, has extensive experience working in TV and film production with American and international crews. She has traveled to, set up production and filmed in the 46 states in the US as well as in Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, and Egypt.  

She started her production career in independent feature films and cable TV projects such as OLD ENOUGH, KIDS CHOICE for Nickelodeon, GILBERT GODFRIED COMEDY EXPERIMENT for Cinemax and promos for cable TV. 

Since then, she has produced documentaries, promos, and corporate videos for various clients including Parade Magazine, IBM Latin America, Mysic Aquarium, AT&T Network Systems, and Dentsu. She was the producer/director/editor of a short film TRIBUTE TO LES PAUL for MTV when he was inducted to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.  Her other projects as producer and editor include: A HOLE IN TIME, a documentary about Atlantis; TONY’S NEW YORK, a video collection of New York stories based on the Empire State Building’s audio tour; BIRDS OF AMERICA, a series of videos for the New York Historical Society; EOWULF, a documentary about Ben Bagby’s performance of Beowulf.

Her diverse research and field production projects for Japanese television networks and production companies, including NHK Japan Broadcasting, TBS, Fuji TV, MBS, and Kaisai TV range from medical, artificial intelligence and science related issues to music history and the US presidential elections.   The UN PEACEKEEPING OPERATIONS, the DEMENTIA REVOLUTION, NEXT WORLD, DEEP OCEAN, Dr. MITSUYA, the BODY, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, and MAKE A WISH are just a few of the highly regarded documentaries she worked on.

She collaborated with Edie Steiner in Toronto and edited her documentary, NORTHLAND - JOURNEY HOME, which won awards in several film festivals. She is currently developing TV shows and documentaries in collaboration with Emmy winning creative directpr/executive producer Linda Schaffer of Schaffer Productions.  She also continues to work on her own documentaries, LES RICAINS about the Japanese American soldiers who had liberated the small towns in France and Italy during the WWII, and FOR EMILY, stories about the carriers of the early onset Alzheimer’s Disease genes and their commitment to science and dedication to save their children.